The Declaration of Sentiments was the first document that advocated for women's political rights. 
-Suffrage was the only one resolution that did not pass that easily during the convention
-Everyone thought it would make the convention look ridiculous. 
-But Elizabeth Stanton and Frederick Douglass's speech impact the audience, and they won the vote for suffrage. 

-The Declaration of Sentiments was a call for the fight for independence 
-also a historical turning point that had a huge impact on the society. 
-After the convention, many women stood up for themselves and started the long fight toward political rights. 
-Many women leaders such as the National Women rights Convention and the National Women Suffrage Convention were established. 
-These two Associations used all kinds of method to gain votes for women’s suffrage. 
-They traveled state-by-states and campaign for favor in women’s rights to vote. 
-At first, the result was not great, not many states supported women suffrage. 
-in 1893, Colorado was the first state that passed women suffrage in the state, and after that, many other states granted women the right to vote. 
-Finally in 1920, the 19th amendment was ratified in congress and women got their political rights and independence.