The Declaration of Sentiments impacted the social structure of society
-The Declaration of sentiments were presented during the Seneca Falls Convention 1848 in New York. -Nearly three hundred people attended the convention
-there were also at least forty men in the audience. 
-This document is a symbol of Women's rights movements
-in this document, Elizabeth Cady Stanton uses examples of women lack of education opportunities and the marriage reform to call out to women around the country to fight for independence. 
-After the convention, many women started their fight toward better lives for women. 
-women in the 18th century did not have very good health condition, and they rarely bathed or exercised. 
- In 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell opened the first infirmary for women and she helped improve the condition for women health reform. 
-Another women Amelia Bloomer lead the new fashion for women to wear pants. 
-The old style for women's clothing made women hard to breath, but the new fashion were more comfortable. 
-Education was another important goal women achieved in the antebellum era.  Women were not allowed to go to colleges and did not have as much education opportunities as men. 
-But after the Declaration of Sentiments, Horace Mann, Catherine Beecher and Angelina Grimmke all worked toward education reform for women
-In 1837 Oberlin College was the first formal college that was opened to female students. 
-Many schools started having female educators. 
-By the mid 19th century, almost all the educators in schools were females. 
-The Declaration of Sentiments was a huge impact on the society. It helped health reform, and education.